Dear Rowing Friends,

It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you all at the World Rowing Junior Championships that will take place next year in Plovdiv. 

Our core Organising committee has a long history of planning and staging rowing events, amongst which the 2019 World Rowing Cup I, the 2018 World Rowing Championships, the 2017 and 2015 World Rowing U23 Championships, the 2012 World Rowing Senior & Junior Championships and the 2011 European Rowing Championships.

Organising a successful international sports event of such a scale requires a lot of efforts and dedication but at the same time it brings a great sense of achievement. Our experienced Organising Committee is well ahead in the preparations for providing your athletes with the best possible facilities giving them an opportunity not only to enjoy good racing, but also this historic part of our country.

I believe that these Championships will bring the participants positive experiences and good
results as well as provide memorable atmosphere for the spectators. I am sure that the athletes will compete in a fair play manner, respecting the rules and their opponents.

I look forward to greeting you, the rowing family, on your arrival at Plovdiv regatta venue in 2021.

Ivan Popov
Chairman of the
2021 World Rowing
Junior Championships
Organising Committee